General Queries


How do I place an online order in your web shop?

Klick your self to the items you are interested in, klick the green button beside each item Put in basket/Lägg i varukorgen. When you have put all your items in the basket, press the green button Pay/Kassa. Fill in your name, address and way to pay. Then press the green button Make purchase/slutför order. You will get a e-mail confirmation of your order and an estimated delivery time.

How do I cancel an added item from my basket?

Just klick to your basket. There you see all your added items. Klick on the X on the item you need to exclude.

How do I cancel an placed and paid order?

Klick your e-mail order confirmation. Klick the link “cancel my order”. Kick to confirm order cancellation. You then will receive a new e-mail with the order cancellation. If the order is sent. Then you must inform us by e-mail to [email protected] give order no and reason to cancel. We will asap send you cancellation confirmation.


How do I get LIFE TIME WARRANTY on my MONKEY M8 item? 

All purchased MONKEY M8 items must be registered on the web site; Fill in all columns in the form and klick SEND. You will get a confirmation e-mail sent to you.


First, to get teh LIFE TIME WARRANTY on a purchased item. You must register it on the site; warranty Fill in all columns in the form and klick SEND. You will get a confirmation e-mail sent to you. The LIFE TIME WARRANTY covers any material or workman ship failure. It does not cover any miss usage or normal ware and tear.


How do MONKEY M8 support the Mountain Gorillas?

MONKEY M8 give continuously contributions to different organizations like; Africa Wildlife  Foundation or World Wild Life Fund They canalize the funds locally. In the bottom line the money goes to guards to protect the Gorillas from hunters. Also it is to educating the local people about the Gorillas, so they understand the value too keep them alive. They are worth so much more through tourism than dead. Funds also are used to buy untouched forest to keep it form being cut down. We believe this will raise the Gorillas from becoming exterminated. We will keep you posted on the BLOG. Check it out! Long Life to the Mountain Gorillas!


How do I sign up for a newsletter?

Easy! On the web site: you scroll down to the link “Sign up for news letter”. Put your e-mail in the assigned area and klick Sign up. You will receive MONKEY M8´s newsletters from now on. Congratulations!


How do I make an customer complaint of damaged shipment goods?

If you notice that the package is damaged at delivery. You need to get the shipping company to sign on the delivery note that the package is damaged at delivery. If the item is damaged? Then Send us a clear photo of the damage and the signed delivery bill. You should also include your order no. Send to; [email protected] We will check and take care of the complaint. If approved you will get a new item sent free of charge.

How do I make an Customer Complaint of an item that is used?

If the item gets damaged? And you feel it is not by accident or miss usage?Then Send us a clear photo of the damage, a short clarification on how the damage happened. Send all information to us, you should also include your order no. Send to; [email protected] We will check and take care of the complaint. If approved you will get a new item sent free of charge.


Are all MONKEY M8 products sold at

Yes all products that are in current collections and in stock are sold on this web shop.

I can´t fint an MONKEY M8 item I sew in an add available in your web shop?

Sometimes we end an color or an item and if it is not shown in the web shop. It is an discontinued item.


Yes you can wash them 30degree machine wash. NOTE! On GRAND WALLET M8 you need to take out the plastic insert for the credit cards before washing.


What does MONKEY M8 stand for?

MONKEY M8 means Monkey “mate” = friend. As we see it. All good products from MONKEY M8 is your M8´s = Friends for life. Good friends are hard to find. So when you find one, stick to it and try to get to know his/her friends. Then you just might end up as a “happy family”!

What is MONEKY M8´s misson?  

With one fot in the remote jungle of Africa and the other in the Urban jungle of design in the streets of Stockholm, the idea was born to make great designed every day products and at the same time support the nearly extinct Mountain Gorillas.Monkey M8´s mission:

  • LONG LIFE To give long life to the products (happy customers) and good working conditions to the staff (happy workers), at the same time give long life to the Mountain Gorillas (happy gorillas), was the best combination.
  • CANDY COLORS We believe that customers want to buy a high quality product in their favorite color. That is why MONKEY M8 do all products in rainbow colors and give the choice of a box of candy.
  • SIMPLIFY NECESSITIES To make clean cut Swedish design to every day necessary products that lasts over time and trends.

To make products just for the sake of it (quick and dirty) is in no ones interest. They just end up in the trashcan. MONKEY M8 is designed with love + care. Made in factories that understand quality and have good working conditions. It takes longer time, but it´s worth it. The products last long and the customers are satisfied. We make sure our staff is well taken care of as we do for the Mountain Gorillas. We all should have a good and long life. That´s what matters!

Founder of MONKEY M8//Peter Carlberger

Monkey M8