Lifetime warranty

Monkey M8 Lifetime Warranty

Me and the M8´s were discussing how long a warranty should be to satisfy our customer at a maximum. We gathered around our camp fire place and made some urban jungle coffee. Nice and cozy it was. Well, after a damn good cup of urban Jungle coffee we finally decided it would be enough with “one” life time. As Mr Silver back put it; After all, we no cats are we? No one could argue with him. So it was decided with a unanimous grunt “A Life Time Warranty” for all MONKEY M8 products!

The warranty is valid for all material and workmanship failures. If the product is “warn out” or if the product is miss used in any way, the Warranty will not be applied.

The Warranty is personal and need to be registered on the monkeym8´s web site, to be valid. Follow the instructions and it will be nice and dandy.

We, Monkey M8 put pride in all our products. They are carefully designed to fulfill every customers needs over a very long time. We know it takes time to make good friends or as we say; “M8´s”. So when you do find them. You really want to stick to them for as long as you can. Right? This is why all Monkey M8´s products are made of the highest quality material, components and produced in factories that put same pride into their work as all Monkey M8´s in the office, on the road or in the Jungle does!

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